Top Three Common Mistakes in Financial Planning


Financial planning—what does it mean? When many hear the term, their minds immediately go to 401Ks and mutual funds. While that’s definitely part of the picture, it’s much bigger than that.   According to, “a financial plan is a comprehensive statement of an individual's long-term objectives for security and well-being and a detailed savings [...]

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Why a fee only advisor is your trusted partner


Ok, so you’re beginning to think that maybe you need or want a financial advisor. You hop on to the Internet, all full of excitement and hope, only to find out there are words and letters all over the place that make zero sense. While an in-person chat could help us explain a little more, [...]

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How to Retire Early


Tired of the rat race? We hear you. It’s one of the most common pain points voiced in meetings with clients at White Sand Wealth, and we’ve spent years working with others to help them get out of the race and into early retirement. If you’re wanting to retire early, you’re in the right place. [...]

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