Debt Deadlines, Defaults and Downgrades


May 16 The debt ceiling is making news again. Will Congress raise it? Will the U.S. make history by defaulting on our government debt? If it seems like this a story you’ve heard before, that’s because it is. Over the past decade, there have been seven occasions where we’ve seen negotiations (or lack thereof) over [...]

Debt Deadlines, Defaults and Downgrades2023-05-22T19:12:53+00:00

May Market Commentary: The End of a Fed Cycle?


May 05 April Recap and May Outlook The biggest news in the Fed’s statement after their meeting on May 3 was what it didn’t say. The Fed’s statement from March contained the language “the Committee anticipates that some additional policy firming may be appropriate” for the Fed to achieve its 2% inflation goal.” This was [...]

May Market Commentary: The End of a Fed Cycle?2023-05-08T21:38:24+00:00

Financial Capability Beyond April


Apr 17 April is Financial Capability Month, an initiative that started in 2004 as “Financial Literacy” and has evolved over the last 20 years. The rebrand reflects a trend of taking a more active approach to finances and a focus on having more control over decision-making as you move through your financial journey. As you [...]

Financial Capability Beyond April2023-04-24T14:40:53+00:00

April Market Commentary: All’s Well That Ends Well? Not So Fast…


Apr 06 March Recap and April Outlook Equity markets, using the S&P 500 index return as a proxy, at first glance appear to have shrugged off the mid-month drama of multiple domestic, regional bank failures and the forced sale of a massive Swiss bank. Attention was temporarily diverted from the economy’s star attractions, CPI and [...]

April Market Commentary: All’s Well That Ends Well? Not So Fast…2023-04-06T21:45:37+00:00

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